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Land Surveying

MGI has been operating in western and northern Canada for 35 years, and delivers a broad range of land surveying and survey engineering services and products.  We have surveyed in some of the world's most remote and inhospitable environments and are equally effective in urban settings.

Spatial Technologies
and Mapping

MGI’s experienced and very capable geomatics technologists use a full range of current geo-spatial technologies, products, and techniques to address the requirements of our clients.

3D Laser Scanning

MGI uses sophisticated 3D laser scanning technologies that capture nearly 1 million location points per second on the surface of the structure or terrain being scanned to develop highly accurate, detailed models of three-dimensional objects and geographical surfaces.

Line Locating

Alberta legislation requires that buried facilities be located and marked prior to a ground disturbance.  MGI uses experienced, capable line-locating crews and state-of-the-art equipment to locate and position buried facilities for clients and their contractors.

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