Line Locating

Alberta legislation requires that buried facilities be located and marked prior to a ground disturbance.  MGI uses experienced, capable line-locating crews and state-of-the-art equipment to locate and position buried facilities for clients and their contractors.

Line Locating
MGI’s experienced Line-Locating Crews:
  • use all available information to locate buried facilities, including talking to nearby landowners, resource operators, contractors, and others who may have knowledge of the site;
  • keep their eyes open for visual clues, including depressions that may indicate backfilling and suggest the presence of small underground facilities;
  • know the strengths and weaknesses of all line-locating units in their trucks;
  • use the equipment best-suited to the job at hand;
  • use at least one additional unit to verify their findings and get the most reliable results;
  • follow a prescribed set of proven line-locating procedures, including 4-way sweeps at 15-metre intervals;
  • mark even faint or inconclusive signals; and
  • communicate all findings directly to the on-site contractor when they complete the job.